Leeteuk is very excited about getting a Birthday Off. He got a break from filming and have the whole day to celebrate with his family and friends. 

Whistling around the SME hall as he walked past to everyone, that greet and wish him well. He will bow his head and say thanks. He’s excited and plan a lot of things to do. Like go watch a movie, do some shopping, hitting the sauna or even pay a visit to a massage parlor Heechul recommended.

“Hyung!!!!!!” Right inform of him Donghae called. He opens his arm wide as Donghae runs towards him.

They share a bear hug.

“I miss you hyung!” Donghae Said as he smiled brightly to Leeteuk.

He got a day off from the military and immediately wanted to see his leader.

“Me too” Leeteuk said.

Donghae took Leeteuk’s hand and asked him if he could join him for luch saying he was really hungry. Leeteuk agreed since he was hungry as well.

“I did bring a car! I should be driving! Ahh it’s been a long time since I drive” Donghae said making Leeteuk stop on his track.

“Hyung?” Donghae asked him curiously. Leeteuk face turns into a sheet of white.

“Your going to what?” Leeteuk asked Donghae

“Aigoo! I know your a year older now. Did you have hearing problems now hyung?” Donghae curiously asked Leeteuk

“Ya!! Im not old!” Pouting, Leeteuk protested.

Donghae smiles and then continue on dragging Leeteuk out of the Building, Donghae’s car was park infront of the SME Where you can see banners and tarps hangging around wishing Leeteuk a Happy Birthday.

Donghae made sure Leeteuk is safely inside the car before he make a run to the driver seats.

“Let’s go hyung!” Donghae said as he starts the engine.

“Let me say a prayer first” Leeteuk said. Donghae just laugh and wave him off.

“Your not Siwon!” He said. He accidentally steps on the reverse making them go backwards instead of forwards.

“Hahaha! Sorry Hyung! Its been a long time since i drive” Donghae said as Leeteuk holds the seatbelt around him so tight.

Donghae is really a bad driver and for a moment Leeteuk wanted to hang himself for letting this kid drive for him.

“Donghae-yah! Your not on the right lane! Dont stay on the middle of two lanes!!! Ya!!!!” Leeteuk suddenly thought about his family, about all the girls he asked to marry him. The thought of him dying while Donghae is smiling and looking at him.

“ya! Eyes on the road! Boyyahhhh!!!” He scolded Donghae but then closed his eyes and just say a prayer.

He can just hear Donghae laughing beside him. Calling him scardy cat.

After what feels like an eternity Donghae suddenly make a stop.

“Were here!” He said proudly. Leeteuk sigh and hurriedly went out of the car.

They went to a hole in a wall type of restaurant and to Leeteuk suprise all 14 members of Super Junior is there. 

“Did you enjoy the ride?” Heechul asked Leeteuk as he give him a warm hug.

“Ahh.. My jungsoo look at that pale skin of yours. I bet Donghae-ya Driving skills scares you” He said kissing Leeteuk in both of his cheeks!

“Leadernim! Pali pali! The food is getting cold I reserve a seat for you!” Kangin Said as he patted the chair beside him.

“Donghae Pabo! You shouldn’t scare Leeteuk hyung  like that!” Eunhyuk said as he put his arms around Donghae and guide him to his chair.

“I did pray for your soul” Siwon said.

Once Leeteuk was seated everyone starts singing Happy Birthday. Kibum enters the room with a cake in his hand.

Leeteuk close his eyes say his wish but before he even had the chance to blow the candle Yesung already did it for him.

Just like what everyone is expected him to do.

To the best leader in the kpop industry! Happy Birthday!!!! Saranghae Oppa!!!


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