Happy Birthday Leeteuk-ssi!

Leeteuk woke-up at the sound of his alarm. He looked at it and see that it was already 7:00 in the morning. He Lazily stretched his arms and legs then his eyes found the calendar on the wall. He smiled and jumped off the bed.

“Such a good day!” He puts on his famous smile that makes every girls squirm just by the sight of it

Today is his birthday! His excited since every member of Super Junior is either back from military or simply awarded a break. Last Night they all decided to stay at their dorm had some games just like the old times. He smiles as he headed to the bathroom remembering how last night Heechul took over the facilitating of the games. He won and the price is to be able to sleep alone in one of the rooms.

After washing up he went out of the room expecting his friends to greet him.

“Good morning!” Energetically he greeted every one. He got a few nods here and then. He felt disappointed seeing how everyone continues to do whatever they are doing. 

Siwon is busy lifting some weights. Ryeowook is in the kitchen preparing for breakfast while still wearing his blue giraffe pajamas. Shindong is with him helping in cutting some meat while Sungmin is standing in front of the fridge probably looking for some pumpkins. 

Heechul and Kibum is together drinking a cup of coffee while chatting and laughing as if they are the only ones in the room. Donghae is scratching his head while Eunhyuk is busy pouring some milk for him. Kangin is with Hangen both doing push-ups.

Yesung is at the corner and making his turtle fetch the piece of cabbage he threw, While Henry and Zhoumi is making a bet on how many hours it will take before he gets his cabbage. Kyuhun is busy with his online game. 

Leeteuk smiles and just wave away the thought that no one seems to remember how special this day is. He then decides to join Ryeowook in the kitchen saying he will show them the skills he learned from cooking shows. 

When the cooking is done and everyone already washed up they all gathered to the dining table. 

“Ahh. Today is such a special day I wish we could have some beer” Kangin said making everyone laugh

“It’s true! This is such a special Day Right Jungsoo?” Heechul said.

Leeteuk is about to say something when Siwon interrupted him and asked everyone to closed their eyes as he will say the prayer.

Leeteuk felt even more disappointed when everyone started planning on what they will do for the day. The end up deciding to go to an amusement park, they went into deep discussion since they know that it will be crowded and fans will be all over them. 

“But it will be fine! We will let Heechul-Hyung talked to them” Kyuhun suggested. Every one laugh because they know how scary Heechul can be. 

“I can talk to them and tell them this is a special day for us and we want to enjoyed it” Donghae said. Eunhyuk give him a hug and a patted his head.

“Our Donghae is now a public speaker” He proudly said.

They decided to talked to the manager and asked them if they can use the van and dropped them off to a less crowded amusement park. When everything was settled they decided to have lunch at a restaurant where Leeteuk offered to pay.

It shocked everyone and they asked if they should bring him to the hospital he just laughed it off saying this is a very special day.

They went to the amusement park and although it was a little less crowded fans still recognize them. Donghae talked to them saying they will do the fan signing and picture taking some other time and they need some privacy.

Everyone surprisingly comply and that earns an applause for Donghae. They decided that they will try all the rides together.

 They notice that once in a while Leeteuk will check his phone. They posted pictures on SNS and gains a lot of comments saying that ELF is happy to see them all together. It is nice to see everyone happy that finally all 15 members of Super Junior is together.

But Leeteuk heart is aching, today is his birthday and there’s not even a single fan mentions it, no fan project, no trending hashtag for him too.

Does everyone really forget that today is his birthday? He was about to post how sad he felt that no one seems to remember when Kibum out of nowhere grabbed his cellphone.

“Yah!” He said but before he even got the chance to get it back. Kangin already have it.

“It’s confiscated! Your so distracted! It’s now time for us to go and watched the fireworks” Kangin said. Leeteuk knowing he cant beat Kanging just nod. 

There is a mini plaza in there where everyone is gathered. This is the best spot to watched the fireworks displayed.

“I’m so happy just to be with you guys” Leeteuk said as he looked at his members all gathered together.

The lights in the place suddenly went off. Leeteuk was caught off guard then in a flash the place was light with sapphire blue.

There’s a projector set-up with tiny different screens as the ELF all around the world gathered and did a live broadcast.

“What the?” Leeteuk was so shocked and in a snap everyone greeted him a Happy birthday. Sapphire blue oceans covers him as they chant “Park Jungsoo” over and over again. The fireworks were lit at the same time as everyone said 


Leeteuk looked at his members they were all smiling at him as they wave their blue light stick too.

“We got you there!” Heechul said to him. Leeteuk burst into tears

“Yah! It’s OPPA! O-PPA!!! Not ajusshi!” He shouted and everyone just laugh.


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