Don’t judge me because I’m a fangirl

It’s hard to be a fangirl. It requires time and lots and lots of energy. Saving is tough too! You have to save so you will be able to attend their concerts and buy merchandise. Defending your fandom to haters is another thing. It can be exhausting and stressful.

There are times that you won’t be able to control yourself in public, Just seeing their ads, standees or lucky you if you spotted them at public places. People will looked at you like you gone crazy, they judge you and even make hateful comments about you.

When you tweet or commented to their FB and Instagram post and some of your friends and sometimes family members will asked you:

“Did he ever see that?”

“Your insane! he probably didn’t even know you”

“Stop wasting your time! I bet he won’t even read that”

It can be hurtful at times but eventually you will get used to it. What they are saying is actually true, with all those hundreds comments and tweets it’s possible that your idol will miss the one from you. But Fangirls are always optimistic.

Despite  knowing some of these hardship. Being a fangirl is actually fun. You meet a handful of strangers who became your close friends. Building friendship is easier since you have things in common. Fangirls are patience too! Imagine those long line that makes you stand for hours just to be able to purchase a ticket or get an autograph from your idol. It requires lot of patience. We fangirls also have unity, even though we don’t know each other when our idols are being nominated to certain awards, no matter  how big or small it is we put all our efforts and gathered them together just to make sure our idols will score high on votes.

Or when there is a concert and we will be able to participate. We do fan project. We wear the same clothes, open our light sticks accordingly. We even memorize fan chats and do some flash mobs.

Others will find it crazy, and if you’re a Kpop fan like me they will asked you questions like how you will be able to know what they are saying. Language can be a barrier but fangirls have ways and for that we are also known as resourceful.

We are  giving too! Some donates so we can distribute banners for the show. We work together as a team.

Others can judge us and questioned us why we chose that certain idols but do they know that when things get though we do watched variety shows, music videos, guesting, and movies of our idols and things magically became better.


I don’t know why am writing this right now. But I want all those judgmental people around me to know that being a fangirl doesn’t mean I’m wasting my life.


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