NEWS FLASH #NAMLEE Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok leads are now officially a couple!!!

Every fan have at least one OTP or so I believe we do. See yourself reading a fanfic or even creating one or more for them, How touchy-touchy and cheesy they would be. Imagine them teasing each other and then ended up with a cheesy line, “I like it when you pout like that and of course sealing it with a passionate kiss.

Did it make you smile? Do you feel that butterflies in your stomach? I certainly did! Now Imagine a dating rumor about them. Pictures of them leaving a restaurant together, or wearing the same Outfit, same shoes even a small accessories. It gave you hope right? It makes you happy knowing they have a future together or In a fans term “The ship is sailing”.

Imagine a confirmation from both of them that all these dating rumor are actually true? I bet you will be jumping up and down, squeaking, hugging a stuff toy or a pillow or the best case scenario hitting the person beside you.

Happiness is an understatement to what I’m feeling right now. I bet that goes to every Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Jo Fans. YG finally confirms that all these dating rumors about the drama’s lead cast is true!

The moment I received the news from my friend (who is overly active in social media) I can’t help but squeak and shamelessly do my happy dance. (The good thing is I’m already home from work and nobody see me do it BWAHAHAHA! ) It is really nice to end your day with a happy news right?

I’m overwhelmed to the point that I need a rerun of the drama.

Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung most known as Bok Joo and Joon hyung, have an undeniable chemistry on screen. Both them is tall and both model. They really is a good pair. I still remember all those butterflies I get while watching them on screen. Reliving all those moments now makes me want to squeak more and more. I bet all my money that It will be hard for me to move on. I will continue to ship these two specially now that I know that the Ship is really sailing for the Sweg couple

Here is some article link confirming their relationship.

See some photo’s of them too! ^___^


Ohhhh! And They are now called as #NAMLEE Check your twitter account they are actually trending as of the moment.




5 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH #NAMLEE Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok leads are now officially a couple!!!

      1. Thank you! I tried it the other day but I’m more in the mood for a thriller haha so I’m watching The K2 first and then getting back to it 😁

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