Dear Sungmin Oppa

Dear Sungmin Oppa,
Oppa! I know you dont know me and its a little late to tell you this but, congratulations for being finally married! I’m sorry it took me this long before finally accepting the fact that I’m just a fangirl and I dont actually have the right to be hurt with the idea that you will never ever marry me.

 I was at work when a friend of mine told me that you already tied the knot. I cried a lot and couldnt focus at all. It was so sudden. It felt like you cheated on me.
Oppa, when they want you out of superjunior.Im actually against it. Yeah you just suddenly get married but i dont want to never see you again.
I wasn’t an ELF from the beginning but being an ELF until the end is what’s important right? When my ex-boyfriend broke up with me you and all the super junior members was the one who saved me. When you smile its brighten my mood, Im smiling too. You makes me happy.
Sungmin Oppa life is a big struggle, we will all face difficulties but please dont ever give up. Dont ever quit. 
To be honest, ever since i became an elf i havent been to any of your concerts and im hoping to be able to go this year or maybe next year. I hope that i will be able to see you. Its not that Im thinking your quiting or what, i just want you to know that One girls out of the fandom is finally accepting that you are no longer a bachelor.
Live a happy married life oppa. As an ELF i will always stand to protect you so please stay strong for us.
Oppa Sungmin! Fighting!

Always, Mimi


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