Cafe (Where are you now?)

There is something with Café these days that suddenly it makes me sad whenever I went to one.  Like now As I’am sitting alone in this corner. I’m glad I bring my laptop with me today and thank the good management for the free access on their wifi. I’m browsing some old pictures on my phone gallery earlier and this thought suddenly came rushing to me.

There are different kind of heartaches. There are heartaches that was caused by friends, by your lover and sometimes by your own family. Thinking on the days when I used to be surrounded by my friends whenever I decided to hang out in this same café make me really sad.

When I had my heart first broken, I was with them. Offering me my favorite dessert and comforting me. Whenever one of us was bored we will just meet here and hang-out. We will talked endlessly. We turned heads around since we’re really a loud group, laughing and teasing each other.

As time goes by and As each one of us starting to live our busy life, we spent less and less time together. There are times where one of us will hang-out here with different companions. Exchanging a brief Hi when we happened to bumped into each other. We slowly became strangers. There are moments where we just walked past each other rushing to wherever we headed too.

It made me realized that it’s just not lovers who wore off affection through time. Friendship wore off too and I think it’s more sad than losing a lover.

I wonder how they all have been? Are they good? It makes me wonder how well they all been doing. I usually see their happy posts on facebook and Instagram, see them hanging out with new friends, going on a vacation and sometimes posting cheesy status about the person they are currently dating.

What happened to the friendship we all once made? What happened to those times where we only had each other to lean on? Is this what growing up means? To leave some of the people who you trusted and rely on when you had no one to turn to?

I wish I know the answer to these questions  but what I wish more is for a chance to spend another happy time with them at this very same café.



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