Play – Black Suit

“You look really great, this suit fits you well” I won’t lie I am very pleased to hear the compliment. I smiled back and pay my bill. I went straight to my next stop it may seem unusual but I’m heading to the salon. A man needs to groom himself well too. I waited for… Continue reading Play – Black Suit



Leeteuk is very excited about getting a Birthday Off. He got a break from filming and have the whole day to celebrate with his family and friends.  Whistling around the SME hall as he walked past to everyone, that greet and wish him well. He will bow his head and say thanks. He's excited and… Continue reading #HappyLeeteukDay


The sky is dark tonight The moon is hiding The stars are missing I wonder if your feeling As lonely as me I wonder if the sky is making me feel Her sympathy Words by: Sakura ©®